We want to hear from you!

My name is Marty Kearney, and I’m here representing the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). Jim Bittman, Peter Lusk, Russell Rhoads and I are with The Options Institute, the educational arm of the CBOE. You may have seen us at CBOE events or trade shows, webinars in the CBOE Educational center, maybe reading an article in a national newspaper or seen us on TV. We’ve been involved in options for a long time, and we are looking forward to giving you our thoughts on options, the markets, events that might move markets or whatever is happening that we think is relevant to your trading and investing.

You know the drill – we like to use real stocks (Indexes, ETF’s, The VIX, etc.) with real prices rather than XYZ. We think that’s what you want too. We don’t give trading advice and you shouldn’t consider anything we say to be a recommendation to buy or sell

Here’s the tentative schedule for the Options Institute Instructors to be posting on your CBOE Blog. As you know we travel a great deal and have other responsibilities, so from time to time we might not be there – or we might be there sooner if we see something timely and worthwhile. That’s OK, we have you to post your trading ideas and thoughts! This isn’t a one-way street, we want your comments on our ideas and we and hopefully others will comment on your thoughts.

Monday – Russell Rhoads – Russell’s Weekend Review
Tuesday  – Jim Bittman – Bittman Calls It
Wednesday – Mystery Guest Blogger Day – you never know who might appear
Thursday – Peter Lusk – Message in a Blogger
Friday  – Marty Kearney – Dr. Kearney’s Option Clinic

What we really want is your input. Let us know what you think, we expect a dialogue may develop that will enlighten us all!

Let’s get Blogging!

The Options Institute Instructors at The CBOE