Are You a Superstitious Trader?

All of my friends on the trading floor here at the CBOE are very superstitious traders. To keep good fortunes coming their way they do all sorts of very sane rituals. I know this trader who sits in the exact same seat on the train ride in. (Get up lady!) He reads each section of the news paper in an exact order. He never walks under the L tracks when a train is moving. Only rides the north escalator down to the trading floor and jumps off the third step to the bottom. Hasn’t had his trading jacket cleaned in years. He wears a black shirt every day. Stands in the exact same spot in the pit and sometime sings this old song. Very superstitious, Trading Puts and Calls Very superstitious, Stocks bout’ to fall, Thirteen month old options Sold for lots of cash Seven years of good luck Long puts on the crash [Chorus] When you do some things Only you understand, Then you’re a trader Superstition is the way Yeah, I know a guy just like that. But with a realistic trading approach in mind, are you also a superstitious trader?