Russell’s Round Up – Weekend Review

Due to the holiday weekend there was not an episode of Options Action to report on. Barron’s was fairly light too, so I’m hoping the Easter Bunny was good to you and yours this weekend.

Barron’s Highlights –

The cover refers to the Big Money poll which is a survey of money managers. The headline is that 60% of money managers are currently bullish on stocks. Reading through the article an astounding 64.5% of money managers expect the market to correct 10% between now and the end of the year. The common reasons for this were fears of a double dip recession or geopolitical events. US Treasuries are the least favored market with 83% of managers bearish. Finally, there are lists of most over valued and favorite stocks, Apple made both lists.

The Striking Price option column was focused on the VIX, specifically the very low levels the VIX index has been visiting of late. The first thought with a very low VIX is epic (I finally get to use that word) bullishness on the horizon. However, it may also be an indication that the VIX is actually a large river in Egypt – loosely pronounced denial (The Nile).

As for the Rhoads household, I’m back to helping two little girls master Tangled for Wii. Much to their delight this adventure game showed up in an Easter basket which resulted in shrieks at 6 am on a Sunday that probably woke half the neighbors on our block.