Have You Ever Considered a Protective Put?

The things that cause stress in life are the things you have no control over. Think about it. Traffic jams. Maybe a cancelled flight.

So now you’ve been part of this two year bull market with a nice run in your stock. But now you’re stressing about a potential bump in the road which may have a negative impact on that stock. You could place a stop order which sometimes gets you out of a position when later on you wish it hadn’t. Or if the stock gaps on the market open, it might not get you out at the stop price but at the next available market price. Now that’s stress.

With the protective put you are in total control of your position. By purchasing a put to insure your stock you have the right but not the obligation to exercise that put at the selected strike price to exit your stock position. It’s nice to be in control.

There’s an old saying in the pits here at the CBOE. Puts are your friend.