Blogging Options: Morning Update

Stock Mover’s:
Costco (COST) June, July and October put option implied volatility of 24 is near its 26-week average as shares are near a record high into the expected release of Q3 results on May 25.
NetApp (NTAP) overall option implied volatility of 37 is near its 26-week average of 36 into the expected release of Q4 results on May 25.

Volatility as an asset class:
CBOE S&P 500 Skew Index-SKEW 124.78; near ten-day average of 124.89. Out-of-the money S&P 500 Index puts are purchased for downside protection, the SKEW is designed to increase.

CBOE Significant Call Volume:
GES June 42 6K contracts
GM August 31 6K
F December 15 4K
NAV January 75 4K

CBOE Significant Put Volume:
RIMM January 40 5K contracts
AAPL June 345 4K 
CSCO July 16 4K
SPWRB June 22.5 3K