A Father’s Day Gift Idea!

As a proud father of four expensive kids I’m really looking forward to my big day on Sunday. It will be all about listening to the Sox game on the radio with my feet up as I watch my perennials grow and soaking up all of the attention surrounding me that I so much deserve. So what about you?

Instead of the annual bad tie how about you leave some hints around the house for what you really want. Options education! Be the man and take the reigns! Here’s the plan. Take several “sticky notes” and write www.cboe.com/tradeoptions on each one and then strategically place them throughout the house. Put one on the fridge, bathroom mirror, TV remote and even on the ceiling above all of the beds.

What could be a better gift than options education right here at CBOE! I hope to see you at one of our classes real soon!

Sticky Note