Don’t Get Mad, Talk Like a Trader and Buy Some Puts!

Sometimes buying a put is a civil way of getting back at a company you had a bad product or customer service experience with.

Your story could be as simple as mine. You see I had a washing machine that must have been programmed to no longer spin shortly after the warranty spun out. I later pleaded my case to a customer service rep to no avail. His attitude silently screamed “Oh…if these customer’s would just leave us alone”! That’s when this Quiet Storm got into his trading pit mentality and shouted “SOLD!”

You see trader speak is a different language derived mostly from option Greeks and pit life in general. Please allow me to share some excerpts from my trader’s vocabulary:

SOLD! –  I would never buy a product from that company again.

Zero Delta – This company doesn’t stand a chance to be in “In-The-Money”.

Negative Theta – This company only cleaned my wallet over the short life of the washing machine.

What’s trading? – Who wants to sell me a new washer that will outlast the style of my clothes?

BUY ‘EM! – Buy as many puts as I can on my bid. This company’s in its final cycle!

My story may be a small part of the big picture. But this personal experience coupled with more research may provide me with an outlook that may indicate a downward trend in the stock. And remember, Puts are your friend.