Blogging Options: CBOE Mid-day Update

Index Mover’s
CBOE S&P 100 Index-OEX is recently down 1.06% to 595.43. Traders are active in July 575, 580, 585, and 590 puts with an option implied volatility of 15 into next week expiration.

Volatility as an asset class
Novellus-NVLS July put option implied volatility is at 55, August is at 42, December is at 41; compared to its six-month average of 36 into the expected release of Q2 results and its analyst meeting on July 11. 
Akamai-AKAM August put option implied volatility is at 43, January is at 41; near its 26-week average of 42 as shares trade near its fourteen-month lows.
CBOE Volatility Index-VIX is recently up 49c to 16.44. July at the money 20 call volatility is at 126, December is at 105, suggesting traders expect larger price movement into July’s expiration next week.