Is it Time to Buckle Up?

Well I just got back from beautiful San Francisco and the only thing I left behind this time were a bunch of passionate option traders that I had the privilege to speak to on Wednesday night. So because of jet lag and the re-occurring day dream that all my trades are good ones, my usual Thursday blog is here for you now.

Independence Day is in the rear view mirror and I feel summer’s theta begin to accelerate as fast as an at-the-money option with expiration approaching. Yes that’s right, summer is fleeting. But there are some earnings reports up the road in July that could have a significant impact on stocks:

July 11th Alcoa

July 14th Google

July 19th Apple

July 20th Intel

When trading stocks and options it’s always a good idea to mark your calendar for bellwether type stocks. If aluminum maker Alcoa sites weaker global demand you can expect a negative effect on the stock market in general. Remember, the stock market can go down a lot faster than it can go up.

See you next Thursday and we can take a look at what the Google straddle is trading for in advance of their earnings release after the close of trading.

And oh yeah, enjoy the summer while it’s still here.