Blogging Options: CBOE Morning Update

Stock Mover’s

Costco (COST) is recently up 5c to $81.70 in pre-open trading following Q4 revenue $28.18B vs. consensus $27.81B. October put option implied volatility is at 41, January is at 35; above its 26-week average of 24.
Volatility as an asset class

VIX methodology for stocks has a wide spread between closing levels and 50-day moving average, suggesting large price movement.

VIX methodology for Google (VXGOG) closed at 51.75; above 50-day moving average of 39.66.
VIX methodology for Apple (VXAPL) closed at 54.63; above 50-day moving average of 38.68.
VIX methodology for IBM (VXIBM) closed at 41.58; above 50-day moving average of 33.51.
VIX methodology for Goldman Sachs (VXGS) closed at 80.30; above 50-day moving average of 56.99.
VIX methodology for Amazon (VXAZN) closed at 63.02; above 50-day moving average of 50.38.

CBOE significant put volume increases

LEN 1/21/2012 10 24K contracts
AMR 1/19/2013 3 22K
S 1/21/2012 4 10K
DISH 10/22/2011 21 9K
MOS 10/22/2011 45 9K
GE 10/7/2011 14 8K
BAC 10/22/2011 6 6K
WMB 11/19/2011 21 5K 

ADP employment number surprises to upside, stock futures flat to slightly higher.