The Next Shiny Thing by Frank Fahey

One never knows if the next shiny thing is a piece of tin foil or a nugget of gold. Here is a nugget. Little things can mean the difference between profit and loss in trading. I spend the slow weeks at the end of the year taking care of those little things for the upcoming year. Calendar integrity is very important for the options trader. Ignoring time and a strategy’s corresponding place in time can be the source of many errors.  When is expiration? When is the market closed? Are earnings before or after expiration? How many weeks in between expirations? The options expiration calendar is a tool I refer to multiple times a day.  Time is one of the most critical elements of the option pricing model.  Every professional trader I know uses it as a quick reference calendar. Print one out and keep it readily accessible.

CBOE 2012 Expiration Calendar


“Chance favors the Prepared Mind.” – Louis Pasteur

Frank Fahey