How High Can Apple Go?

It appears nothing is standing in the way of Apple (AAPL) stock. It is up $118 since the death of Steve Jobs in October and is currently trading $496.25  So far today it’s ignoring the moderate sell-off.

Investor expectations for the stock remain strong with the release of iPad 3 next month. Currently, AAPL does not offer a dividend. If and when it does investors could hop on board which could possibly push the stock even higher.

In my house alone which is a family of six we own the following AAPL products:

2 iPhones

1 iPod Shuffle

5 iPods

4 MacBook Pros

2 iPod Touches

1 iPod Nano

Can AAPL keep printing money at such a sky high rate? How high can AAPL go? With my family the sky’s the limit!