Guggenheim Partners Manage More Than $1 Billion in Index Option-writing Strategies

Here are some comments by an attendee at the CBOE 28th Annual Risk Management Conference (RMC), Jason Ungar, Managing Director, Guggenheim Partners, LLC, New York —

“Guggenheim Partners manage over $1 Billion in strategies benchmarked to the CBOE indices. The CBOE’s index option benchmarks provide us with an excellent way to measure the Alpha we are able to provide to clients through the active management of our covered call programs. We believe that index options are one of the most powerful tools investors can use to manage risk as well as improve risk-adjusted returns through option selling strategies. The RMC is an excellent venue for learning about innovative ways to protect portfolios and to increase market awareness of developments in derivative space.”

CBOE Chart on BXM Index and BXM Gross Premiums

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