Presentation by Ms. Berlinda Liu on Trading & Managing Volatility

Today Ms. Berlinda Liu, Director of Index Research and Design, S&P Indices, delivered a presentation on Trading & Managing Volatility at the CBOE’s 28th Annual Risk Management Conference (RMC).

Ms. Liu covered a number of topics related to volatility-based benchmark indexes, many of which are related to the performance of VIX® futures.

She noted that intelligent roll indices seek to address the contango problem by allocating across the term structure.

  • Allocation is typically between the short and medium end of the curve.
  • May involve —
  • Long and short positions.
  • Static or dynamic allocations
  • Examples include —
    • S&P 500 Dynamic VIX Futures Index
    • S&P 500 VIX Futures Term Structure Index
    • S&P 500 VIX Futures Enhanced Roll Index

She also covered S&P 500 VEQTOR, an index that provides long exposure to the equity market with a built-in VIX futures overlay to hedge the tail risk.

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