CBOE’s Volatility Indexes have Risen Today and This Month By Matt Moran

CBOE now calculates and disseminated more than 20 volatility indexes, and most of those indexes have risen today and this month www.cboe.com/volatility.

Today CBOE Futures Exchange, LLC (CFE) launched trading on the CBOE NASDAQ-100 Volatility Index futures contract (index ticker symbol VXN, futures symbol VN)

Several of CBOE’s volatility indexes have risen more than 30% this month.

Website URL Index % Change in May (through May 22)
www.cboe.com/VXGS  VXGS – CBOE Equity VIX® on Goldman Sachs 65.9%
www.cboe.com/VXEWZ  VXEWZ – CBOE Brazil ETF Volatility Index – 48.1%
www.cboe.com/VXXLE  VXXLE – CBOE Energy Sector ETF Volatility Index 38.1%
www.cboe.com/VXFXI  VXFXI – CBOE China ETF Volatility Index 37.1%
www.cboe.com/VXEEM  VXEEM – CBOE Emerging Markets ETF Volatility Index 35.2%
www.cboe.com/VXO VXO – CBOE S&P 100 Volatility Index 33.3%
www.cboe.com/VXD VXD – CBOE DJIA Volatility Index 33.1%
www.cboe.com/VIX VIX – CBOE Volatility Index 31.1%
www.cboe.com/VXN VXN – CBOE NASDAQ Volatility Index 30.6%
www.cboe.com/VXIBM  VXIBM -CBOE Equity VIX® on IBM 30.6%
www.cboe.com/VVIX VVIX – CBOE VIX of VIX Index 23.7%
www.cboe.com/RVX RVX – CBOE Russell 2000 Volatility Index 22.1%
www.cboe.com/EVZ EVZ – CBOE EuroCurrency Volatility Index 21.9%
www.cboe.com/VXGDX  VXGDX – CBOE Gold Miners ETF Volatility Index 19.3%
www.cboe.com/VXSLV  VXSLV – CBOE Silver ETF Volatility Index 18.5%
www.cboe.com/GVZ GVZ – CBOE Gold Volatility Index 18.4%
www.cboe.com/OVX OVX – CBOE Crude Oil Volatility Index 18.3%
www.cboe.com/VXAZN  VXAZN – CBOE Equity VIX® on Amazon 12.9%
www.cboe.com/VXAPL  VXAPL – CBOE Equity VIX® on Apple -3.0%