Facebook Options at CBOE

Here’s what will happen with Facebook (FB) options Tuesday (except for one important item, the strikes won’t be known until the close of trading today).

Facebook will have 1-point strike prices. The strikes may be listed 50% higher or lower than the closing price today. With FB at $33 that would mean strikes between 17 and 49. But as we said, the strikes won’t be official until today’s close. These can be found at cboe.com.

FB will be on the March expiration Cycle. Options Expirations as of Tuesday will be:





January (’13)

January (’14) These are LEAPS

We expect to add FB WeeklysSM options, which could begin trading as soon as Thursday May 31st, for expiration Friday June 8th. So there are no FB options expiring Friday June 1st. 

Good luck trading FB options!

Marty Kearney