CBOE at Dallas TradersExpo

The CBOE participated at TradersExpo Dallas, a 3-day event concluding last Friday.  Several thousand investors attended, talking to exhibitors and sitting in on seminars covering a variety of trading topics. The CBOE had a half-day options education track that played to a full house and was well received.  

In the first CBOE presentation, Jim Bittman from the Options Institute spoke about Strategies for Weeklys Options. Jim’s talk played to a full house, a few of the 250 attendees had to stand but thought it was worthwhile. Marty Kearney then talked for an hour on managing options positions, specifically Iron Condors. Attendance for this session was a little under 200. Jim came back with Trading Butterfly Spreads for Income generation. The 130 participants heard about the risks and rewards of the butterfly, broken-wing butterfly and the Christmas tree spreads.

If you missed this event because you were punching cattle on the North-40, busting a bronco or shoeing a horse, don’t be concerned. If you want a copy of the three presentations sent to you, e-mail Bittman@cboe.com. Put Dallas Expo in the title line and Jim will send you each of the first three presentations.

From a presenters point of view, the fourth segment was the most fun – because we didn’t know where we were going to end up! Tom Sosnoff (tastytrade.com), Don Kaufman (thinkorswim.com) and Mike Turner (Cycle Prophet) joined Marty Kearney and Jim Bittman from The Options Institute at CBOE for a one-hour strategy session – The Option Round-Up (remember, we were in Texas). Earlier in the week, Mike Turner sent the other panelists a short list of stocks, ETF’s and Indexes Cycle Prophet thought was going to move, and gave them a price target and time target for each. The panelists threw out ideas (not recommendations) for the ~135 in attendance as to possible option strategies if they agreed with Mike. The panel was “lively”, as a few times attendees heard “one could do that, but how about trying…..”. Bouncing trading strategies off well respected peers in front of a crown can be daunting, but it turned out to be fun.

The CBOE should be getting a tape of the first session -Strategies for Weeklys – and the Options Round Up in the next few weeks. If the video and sound quality is good and the contents are approved by our legal department, we’re thinking of posting a link on YouTube. We’ll let you know when that happens.

Here are some pictures from the Dallas event.