Option Expiration Update

“Triple Witch” option expiration is upon us. 

As of mid-day, overall option volume was ~10.2 million contracts. Volume leaders included:

SPX 400 k contracts

SPY 350 k “

VIX 190 k “

IWM 60 k “

QQQ & AAPL 56 k “

SPXpm had traded slightly under 7 k contracts.

With less than an hour to go, SPX had traded 729 k contracts, VIX 391 k and SPXpm almost 24 k contracts.

Today is the last day to trade June SPX, we will get the settlement price of June SPX (SET) mid-morning tomorrow. VIX settlement is next Wednesday, June 20th. 

Enjoy the remainder of Flag Day, the US Open, Fathers Day, the weather and the Greek Election.