Blogging Options: CBOE Morning Update

Volatility as an asset class:
CBOE Volatility Index-VIX closed at 18.72, 10-day moving average is 18.23, 50-day moving average is 20.50.

CBOE VIX futures July are at 19.25, August at 21.20, September at 22.70, October is at 23.65, November is at 24.40, December is at 25, January is at 26.55, February is at 27, March is at 27.40.
Tuesday Active calls at CBOE:
SPY 7/13/2012 136 18K contracts
LNG 7/21/2012 16 16K

AAPL 7/13/2012 615 12K

EWZ 8/18/2012 55 11K

Active puts at CBOE:
SPY 8/18/2012 130 124K contracts

IWM 7/21/2012 73 35K

WMB 8/18/2012 32 20K

U.S. and global equities are mixed, VIX off slightly. Inventory report in-line, Imports benefitted by lower oil prices.

Corn prices popped huge, as the USDA lowered their forcast by 37%, and the yield per acre for cron by 20 bushels per acre. Corn, Wheat and Beans all up over 2%. heat in midwest continues…