COLLEGE KIDS—Interested in the Financial Industry?

As I continue to write my series on where to begin if you are new to options I want to make you aware of a fantastic opportunity for college students. The Chicago Board Options Exchange, in conjunction with several trading firms has a 3 ½ day program designed to immerse the college student into the exciting world of options trading and investing.

From the afternoon of Tuesday August 7th through Friday August 10th at the CBOE in Chicago, options professionals will present on various topics. These will include option strategies used by individual investors as well as those used by large money managers. Others topics will cover personal financial independence and career advice from a rookie market maker as well as seasoned professionals. Not only will participants be in a classroom style setting but also will be given a tour of the CBOE trading floor and join in a mock trading session in the SPX pit (the largest index option pit in the world). A small bonus: breakfast and lunch are catered each day from Ceres Restaurant.

The early bird special is $599 until Wednesday August 1st. Keep in mind that a typical one-day seminar is $595. GOOD TRADE! On a related side note, some students that have participated in this event have received job offers from firms that teach classes and give tours. This is the exception and not the rule, but the idea is that you can learn and get experience at the same time to show future employers.

So sign up today for Investing and Trading for College Students at