Blogging Options: CBOE Morning Update

Options as a volatility class

Four Horseman of Tech option implied volatility compared to their 26-week average;

Apple (AAPL) is at 27 below its 26-week average of 30,

Research in Motion (RIMM) is at 71, above its average of 64,

Google (GOOG) 23, below its average of 26,

Amazon (AMZN) is at 29 below its average of 37.

CBOE Volatility Index-VIX closed at 14.73, 10-day moving average is 16.64, 50-day moving average is 18.84.

No major US economic data this morning. PPI tomorrow. US stock volumme extremely low last week, but option volume held up pretty well. Japan 2 Q GDP off slightly. Brent hits a 3-month high, Paul Ryan campaigning for a new job, while Ocho Cinco looking for one too. August, vacation Monday.