Blogging Options: CBOE Afternoon Update

Stock drifted a little higher by mid-day. FDX is off $1.20 on lower guidance, FB was up $0.89 to $18.62 as Mr. Z said he wouldn’t be selling any shares for the next 12-months. Employees had their lock-up date moved forward to 10-29.

Movers this morning included GOOG up $4, BA, DIS and IBM higher by $1, AXP off $1, Baidu lower by $2. Rails (DJ Transport average to you kids) were a little lower.

Oil and metals were flat, the 10-year was at 1.58%.

Option volume at CBOE was holiday week light. Volume leaders included:

SPX 260k contracts

VIX 161k

SPY 135k

INTC 42k

AAPL 32k

Slow trading into ECB meeting tomorrow.