Higher Correlations and Diversification Challenges to be Discussed on Sept. 6th at RMC Europe

Over the past decade, and particularly during the 2008 financial crisis, many investors became more concerned about the fact that correlations of returns among many different asset classes have been rising (particularly during stressful market conditions, and this fact makes it more challenging to construct well-diversified portfolios. On September 6th there will be a presentation on “Mapping Cross-asset Financial Stress and Hedging Macro Portfolios” at CBOE’s inaugural Risk Management Conference – Europe.


For background information, below is a listing of headlines for pieces that covered the topic of diversification during the 2008 crisis.

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Below is a CBOE chart showing the rolling one-year correlations of weekly returns for four indexes vs. the S&P 500® Index (SPXTM) over a 41-year period. Note that for three of the four indexes (Russell 2000, MSCI EAFE, and S&P GSCI, their correlations (vs. the S&P 500) have risen in recent years. As noted in the chart, the correlations of weekly returns for four indexes vs. the S&P 500 over the one-year period ending August 3, 2012, were –


  • 0.96 Russell 2000 Index (for small-cap stocks)
  • 0.88 MSCI EAFE Index (in US $) (for non-US developed-markets stock indexes)
  • 0.69 S&P GSCI (for commodities)


On September 6th Abhinandan Deb, Director of Equity Derivatives Research – Europe for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, will deliver a presentation on “Mapping Cross-asset Financial Stress and Hedging Macro Portfolios” at CBOE’s inaugural Risk Management Conference – Europe.

Among the subjects expected to be covered by Abhinandan Deb are –

  1. Correlations across markets remain at highs;

2. Cross-asset derivatives markets continue to have a wide range of views despite overall financial market risk (GFSI) being low.


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