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(Editors note: we are happy to pass along info about Michael Thomsett’s new blog site. He is a well known option expert and a friend of the CBOE. Good luck Michael).

After years of writing books, articles, blogs, and opinion pieces within the options market, I recently teamed up with a partner, Michael Stoppa, an options trader and expert in web design and online technologies. Together, we decided to create a new site devoted to options education. contains dozens of features to help traders at all levels, all of which is free to members: personal coaching, corporate workshops, extensive training courses, videos, e-books, webinars, live chats, members’ forums, articles, and a daily opinion piece called “Michael’s Corner,” where I offer ideas about strategies, current news, and more.

However, even with this outreach, I consider CBOE to be one of the best resources for my new site and, more to the point, for all options traders and those interested in learning more. The new website links to several CBOE page links including calculators and some of their publications.

How is my site different? is a truly interactive site. I want this site to be responsive to members and to address the questions, strategies, and ideas that members are interested in, more than a series of fixed programs. Members on this site will be able to interact with me by asking direct questions, suggesting chat and forum topics, and signing up for personal coaching if desired. I will respond personally to everyone who directs questions or ideas to me.

What do we not provide? We don’t offer specific trade recommendations. So many sites do this, but I have always found it disturbing. Without knowing an individuals’ personal risk tolerance, goals, and knowledge about options or stocks, how can I make a specific suggestion for a trade or even for a particular strategy?

The site gives members and visitors many tools they need to expand their options education. Just as CBOE provides training on many levels, my new site is designed to help traders learn strategies, manage risks, and expand their overall knowledge base in options as well as in technical and fundamental analysis.

We are offering a free trial membership. I continue to appreciate all of the help I have received from my friends at CBOE and I look forward to developing a great partnership between my new site and CBOE in coming months.

Michael C. Thomsett is co-founded of and has also written many options books. These include the best-selling Getting Started in Options (Wiley, currently in production on its 9th edition and with over 300,000 copies sold); and Options Trading for the Conservative Investor(FT Press, 2nd ed.). Michael lives near Nashville, Tennessee and writes fulltime. He also is an instructor of several options courses with the New York Institute of Finance.

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