Course for Financial Advisors and Planners in Chicago Next Week

The following may be of interest if you are a Financial Advisor or Planner.

Next Monday and Tuesday September 24th and 25th, The Options Institute at CBOE is hosting a two-day class for Financial Advisors showing how options might help your clients and your practice. In this new course for advisors and financial planners, instructors at The Options Institute will be joined by Rudy Aguillera, founding principal of Helios and respected industry educator, who will discuss options-based investment strategies that target enhancing portfolio income, reducing portfolio risk and managing concentrated stock positions.


Attendees receive 12 CE credits.

This 2-day course begins with a quick review of options basics and basic strategies that investors use to manage risk. Option price behavior, a topic that is often confusing to newcomers to options, is then discussed with real case study examples. Options strategies that harvest income and target portfolio rebalancing are discussed for the rest of Day 1.

Day 2 begins with a discussion of risk management strategies. First, a strategy that can lower the break-even point on a losing position is presented, and an option spread strategy that can reduce risk is reviewed. The course is concluded with a discussion of strategies that manage concentrated stock positions and, finally, a review of tax considerations.


The thinking process behind using options, strategy mechanics, option price behavior, income strategies, risk management strategies and a tour of CBOE’s trading floor during market hours. All in two days – and September 24th and 25th is next week! For questions and to register, please call Barb Kalicki at 312-786-7819.

As a Financial Advisor, your job is to help clients shape their financial future and guide them with confidence toward retirement. Discover how listed options can help you to “Stand Out” so you can differentiate yourself from other financial advisors.

Marty Kearney

The Options Institute at CBOE