Seasoned Professionals and Newbies

Tomorrow morning I’ll get up well before the crack of dawn and head to Chicago’s Midway Airport for a packed day in Jacksonville, FL. This is one of the few cities in America I have not had the honor to visit on behalf of CBOE. I look forward to putting another pin on the map with my kids. Of course, like anywhere you fly to the Southeastern United States I will be making a pit stop in Atlanta. 

My first event in Jacksonville will be addressing the local CFA Society chapter to talk about my favorite topic the CBOE Volatility Index better known as VIX. I have spoken to many CFA chapters regarding VIX or another other option related topic and I love the thought provoking questions that come from professional money managers.

Early in the evening I will be having dinner with a couple of professors from the University of North Florida to discuss a new college program the Options Institute will be offering as a trial for the spring semester this year. I have worked with students from North Florida in the past and look forward to continuing that relationship.

Finally, after slamming a Red Bull, I will be addressing the Finance and Investment Society at UNF starting at 9:00 pm. The late start allows students to come after their evening classes. Right now I’ve been told to be prepared for at least 50 students. The desire to learn more about my chosen field after a long day of classes (and work in many cases) inspires me in ways I cannot describe.  

I’m sure tomorrow night when my head hits the pillow I’ll be tired, but it will be that good kind of tired that comes from a hard day of doing what you love.