Updated OCC Information Memo Regarding Exercise Notices/Settlement Dates

If you wish to exercise Equity (Stock) Options today, check with your broker – after reading the below info:


CBOE Regulatory Circular RG12-146
C2 Regulatory Circular RG12-049

RE: Processing on October 29, 2012 – Hurricane Sandy Update

The OCC has issued an updated information memo regarding OCC processing
timeframes, exercise notices/settlement dates, stock loan and prices for Monday, October 29,
2012, in light of the various market closures today. Please refer to OCC Information Memo #
31463, which is available on the OCC website at www.theocc.com.

Please take note that OCC will allow option exercises in the normal fashion on Monday,
October 29, 2012. Options exchanges may elect to restrict exercises of non-expiring, Americanstyle
index options pursuant to their rules. In that regard, CBOE has issued CBOE Regulatory
Circular RG12-144, which indicates that the exercise of non-expiring American-style, cash-settled
index options is prohibited pursuant to Rule 4.16(b) for Monday, October 29, 2012.

CBOE and C2 (and CBSX) will be closed for trading on Tuesday, October 30, 2012. Any
processing decisions for Tuesday, will be made at a later time.
* * * * *
For further information, please refer to CBOE Rule 4.16, CBOE Regulatory Circular
RG12-144, CBOE Information Circulars IC12-088 and IC12-089, and C2 Information Circulars
IC12-011 and IC12-012. Please also refer to OCC Information Memos # 31462 and 31463.


Marty Kearney