Record VIX Futures Volume

Despite the market being closed for two days last month the VIX Futures arena turned in a volume record for the second month in a row. Total volume in October was 2,443,878 contracts while volume in September came in at 2,400,552. The average daily volume in October was just over 116,000 contracts which is only the 3rd month CFE has witnessed average daily volume over 100,000. Being a numbers geek and all I did a little extrapolation – adding 116,000 a day to the total in October I came up with ‘would have been’ volume of 267,000 if the markets had not been closed for two days. As a final note November is off to a ripping start volume wise – Thursday and Friday VIX Futures volume came in over 140,000 contracts. We’ll see at the end of the month if there is a new record for the books.

VIX Futures Volume.jpg