CBOE Claims Two Major Awards at Derivatives World London Conference from Futures and Options World Magazine

The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) today was named “Exchange of the Year, North America,” and “U.S. Options Exchange of the Year” at an awards ceremony during Futures and Options World magazine’s Derivatives World London Conference at the Grange Hotel, Tower Bridge.


“I am delighted to see CBOE’s innovation recognized by our judges and congratulate CBOE on its triumph with these awards,” said FOW Editor and Publisher, Will Mitting. “There is no question that CBOE has been at the forefront of new product creation – particularly with its VIX Index ‘franchise’ – as well as an innovator in technology and education. This year’s awards acknowledge these accomplishments.”


“We are thrilled to receive these two prestigious awards from FOW. Being recognized by a publication that has become required reading for the industry is an honor for CBOE and for the staff that has worked diligently to make our exchange best in class,” CBOE Holdings Chairman and CEO William J. Brodsky said.


In 2010, the CBOE S&P 500 Implied Correlation Index earned FOW’s award for the “Best Innovation by an Exchange in the Field of Product Design – North America,” and in 2008, FOW recognized CBOE as the “U.S. Options Exchange of the Year.” Over the last decade, the CBOE has received nearly two dozen industry awards for leadership and product innovation.


All of us at the CBOE are as happy as Bill Brodsky for this recognition. As an innovator in product creation and technology the CBOE is very well known in the trading community. We also appreciate the comment by Will Mitting, FOW Editor and Publisher about the CBOE being an innovator in education. This would include the award winning Options Institute but also your CBOE Blog Community. November set another record for visitors to your community, so we accept this on behalf of all community members and customers.