JOY This Holiday Season

I’ve been stalking JOY ($58.00, up $0.57) for a long time due to the weekly chart and the possibilities it shows me. On this weekly chart there were both key time and price parameters at the last low made in JULY!! Note the similarity in the time of the prior declines. I have illustrated the swings on the weekly chart as they were very similar (between 23 and 27 weeks) Also not the key price support at the 45.84-48.31 area on this same chart.

Since then, there have been a few daily trade setups that were in agreement with the bigger picture bullish case, but those setups were only short lived! Until recently JOY had NOT been setting up on the buy side on the daily chart the way that I like to see it. This seems to be changing recently and I am working on setting up the next pullback for a buy with the weekly parameters in mind. This weekly chart shows the very healthy upside potential even if we only retrace the last major swing!!!