CBOE / CFE London Hub

With the recent announcement of  CBOE / CFE establishing a London hub, the author felt it merits a little more exploration into the world of hubs and their interaction with the electronic marketplace.   

Exchanges around the world are eager to attract traders and order entry firms with co-location services, in which these traders and firms place their routers and servers as close as possible to the exchange trading engine. Often these are within the same data center, helping to reduce the distance an order must travel.  A hub will provide European firms with a cost-efficient way to send and receive CBOE and CFE data and to execute trades on the exchange. Eventually 24 hour trading will be introduced, in incremental phases, allowing proprietary trading firms, hedge funds, Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) and issuers of exchange traded products to initiate or offset VIX Index futures positions, with fewer time restrictions.

CBOE’s London communication hub will reside in a 3rd party hosting center outside London in Slough, England also known as LD4.  At the hosting site, CBOE will maintain a cabinet of rack space consisting of routing gear and monitoring equipment.  The hub will act as a gateway for firms in London to connect to CBOE’s and  CFE’s trading infrastructure in Secaucus, New Jersey (NY4), as well as the disaster recovery site in Chicago.   All connectivity requests will be performed by third party support from the data center provider. CBOE will have no staff on site at the London hub location, and all network gear will be managed remotely from Chicago.

The network gear within the hub location will not act upon any of the data contained within the messages that flow through it.  It is strictly a communications pass through. The network hub takes shorter distance line connections in London and places them on high capacity long distance communications lines overseas back to the USA. These will be supplied by CBOE. All exchange computer application processing will be done in the USA. Current market data information will be available to London firms through this hub. More information on charges and contact info is below.

Site Name: Equinix LD4
Phone Number: +44.(0).845.373.2999
Cage Number:EFX4-0117
Equinix Connectivity Information:

LD4 Cross Connect Charges:
Installation: £300 [$486 USD]
Monthly Fiber Fee: £125 [$203 USD]

Estimated Monthly Telecommunications Charge from London to LD4:
Ultra low latency 1G:
·         Install £2,500 [$4,074 USD]
·         Monthly £2,500[$4,074 USD]

Standard Ethernet 1G:
·         Install £2,500 [$4,074 USD]
·         Monthly £900 [$1,467 USD]

CFE API Connectivity Contact Information:

API Group   api@cboe.com   (312)786-7300

CFE network access and login fees:


Jay Caauwe