VIX Put / Call Volume Sending Very Bullish Signal

MAR $VIX #Put/Call Ratio is ~6.2 and RISING, with over 44% of premiums paid — this is SUPER BULLISH — over all cars traded ~524K (editors note: Preliminary final volume in VIX options was 727k today, Monday March 11th).

This is not options expiration related as MAR expiry is Wednesday 20th, not day after tomorrow !!!

Based on our empirical observations, Above 3 is bullish on equities and bearish on volatility.

Under 0.333 is bearish on equities and bullish on volatility.

So 6.9 is Super Bullish – this follows a 3.9 reading last Friday, March 8th.

fari 2 3 11.jpg

Fari 3 11.jpg