P.M.-Settled SPX Weekly Options – Record Volume in February

The S&P 500 Weekly Options set another monthly record volume high with 217,622 average daily volume in February 2013. The previous high month for SPXW options volume was Nov. 2012 with 161,118 average daily volume.

Weekly options can provide opportunities for investors to implement more targeted buying, selling or spreading strategies. Weeklys options can help investors efficiently take advantage of market events, such as earnings, government reports and Fed announcements. www.cboe.com/SPXW


  • SPX and SPXPM Mar. 15
  • SPXW Mar. 22
  • SPXQ Mar. 28 (a Thursday – the day before the Good Friday holiday)
  • SPXW Apr. 5
  • SPXW Apr. 12
  • SPX and SPXPM Apr 19


Alex Matturri, CEO at S&P Dow Jones Indices, recently was quoted
“We’ve seen the benefits of being partnered with one exchange … I think if we hadn’t done an exclusive arrangement 30 years ago CBOE wouldn’t have had the incentive to invest and develop the marketplace and educate the marketplace. So there are certain benefits that come from exclusives or even semi-exclusive relationships. ”


For more information about the SPX family of options, please visit www.cboe.com/SPX

SPX Weeklys Feb.JPG