Students Getting in the GAME

This past week I was fortunate enough to get to attend the G.A.M.E. III Forum which was hosted by Quinnipiac University and held in New York City.  If you are wondering the initials stand for Global Asset Management Education This is the third year for the conference and the second year it was held in New York.  Well over 1000 students, faculty and professionals attended the two and a half day event.  There were students from 44 different states and 33 different countries.  With 25 years in the investment business under my belt I have been to my share of conferences.  This event is one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of attendingThe first day was held in a ballroom and featured a wide variety of well-known market experts.  Bob Froehlich (Dr. Bob as referred to by students) moderated panels on a wide variety of topics.  At each session students line up at a microphone to ask questions of the professionals.  I have to admit, the insight these students have about the markets is on par with many professionals.   They are definitely more market savvy than I was coming out of school in the early 1990’s.

The second and third days consist of smaller workshops that discussed topic such as professional designations, the future of quantitative investing, and the use of option strategies to enhance yield for investors.

Next year the event will return to New York and it was mentioned that it may be a week or two earlier.  Dr. David Sauer from Quinnipiac told me the planning for next year will begin in just a few weeks.  The time he put in is evident by the quality of the event for both the speakers and students fortunate enough to attend.

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