Health Buy Zone in VISA?

CB visa30.gif

I have a healthy buy zone in VISA (V, $165.00, off $0.16) here with a Fibonacci price cluster decision that comes in on the daily chart at the 161.27-163.67.

Although we have seen some shorter term buy triggers against this zone, it will be a MUCH safer bet on the buy side IF the resistance on the 30-minute chart below is cleared at the 165.59-84 area, followed by a rally above the 166.53 swing high.  If we do see this follow through on the upside the upside potential off the daily setup is the 173 handle.  A failure to clear this same key resistance in Visa leaves it vulnerable to a downside failure.

With the markets being in a bit of a precarious position, personally I would choose the more conservative entry against this support decision which would mean waiting for the rally above this key 30-minute resistance and then entering on the next pullback.

What is most important however, is whatever strategy you use, the risk is defined on this trade setup! The maximum risk can be defined below the low end of the price cluster of support at the 161.27 area.

The outright purchase of the May 165 strike calls gives us limited risk.