CBOE Memories: Follow Your Blocker

April marks the 40th anniversary of CBOE and the options industry.  As part of our month-long anniversary celebration, we’ve invited the CBOE community to share their memories of CBOE and four decades of options trading.  These are their stories…

I started at the Exchange in 1980 working in the office area, without the need to ever venture onto the trading floor itself.  After we moved to this building in 1984, I remember looking down at the trading floor from the new observation area and watching the traders in their colorful jackets, arms shooting up into to the air.  I found it quite intriguing how they yelled and screamed while their eyes never left the monitors above.  I was intrigued — that is, until I had my first real “on-floor” experience.

The trading floor was wild during the early 80s, busy most days but with occasional bursts of absolute madness.  Rather than hire a ton of additional employees for those occasions, the Exchange created a “contingency staff” program.  This program borrowed staff from the office areas to help out on the trading floor when needed.  The very first time I was called down to help out, I was told to report to the IBM pit to file fill reports.  I headed down to my post, but was completely overwhelmed by how different the crowds of screaming traders appeared from this perspective.  It probably took me a ½ hour to work my way thru the crowds from one side of the floor to the other, as I quietly whispered “excuse me.”    Eventually, someone took pity on me and asked me where I was heading.  He then barreled a path for me, gently pushing people aside as he went, with a bold “coming thru!”  I will be forever in debt to that kind stranger (a fellow employee) who taught me how to survive on CBOE’s trading floor.

Alicia, employee since 1980

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