Trader Talk: Jack Kennedy Interview

April marks the 40th anniversary of CBOE and the options industry.  As part of our month-long anniversary celebration, we revisit WGN’s Orion Samuelson’s interviews with several long-time CBOE traders who share their colorful stories about life in the pits and trading “The Chicago Way.” 

For Jack Kennedy, growing up with a father that was a cattle buyer in the old Chicago stockyards, a life in the markets was meant to be.  Jack experienced a little bit of everything in his 30+ years at CBOE — working as a runner, clerk, trader with a firm, a “sole prop” – or independent trader, and serving as the first Executive Director of the CBOE DPM Association.  In his role with the DPM Association, Jack said it was widely-regarded that investors around the country viewed Chicago as the place for “great ideas in options and futures” and “innovative thinking.”

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