Trader Talk: Mike Gallagher Interview

April marks the 40th anniversary of CBOE and the options industry.  As part of our month-long anniversary celebration, we revisit WGN’s Orion Samuelson’s interviews with several long-time CBOE traders who share their colorful stories about life in the pits and trading “The Chicago Way.”

For native New Yorker Mike Gallagher, leaving Wall Street for LaSalle Street seemed like a crazy idea.  While fellow New Yorkers assumed he was headed for the “corn and wheat” pits, it was a new, upstart exchange — CBOE — that drew the young trader to Chicago.  Despite predictions that CBOE would “never make it” and he would “be back in New York in five years,” Mike happily remains in Chicago — and on the CBOE trading floor — more than three decades later.  He shares his views on the evolution of the business and VIX’s impact on volatility emerging as a new asset class.

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  • Andy Schwarz

    Mike …
    Your growth and success as well as that of the CBOE is an amazing story. It has been my pleasure to have known you from the early days in your career on the AMEX. I am so very grateful for Joe Sullivan and the CBOE for creating an industry that has enabled investors worldwide to have multiple tools for their investment strategies. Congratulations to the CBOE as well as congratulations to you too.

  • mg riley

    I remember this and i believe was there in 1973 as a guest of my father Ivers. I then worked summers at the CBOE while going to college out east.