Trader Talk: Bobby Gianone Interview

April marks the 40th anniversary of CBOE and the options industry.  As part of our month-long anniversary celebration, we revisit WGN’s Orion Samuelson’s interviews with several long-time CBOE traders who share their colorful stories about life in the pits and trading “The Chicago Way.”

Some guys just aren’t meant for suits.  Bob “Bobby G” Gianone began his career as a stockbroker with his Series 7 and five tailored suits.  After attending a CBOE road show that was recruiting members so the exchange could actually open, Gianone and a colleague were sold. “We’re going there” they decided.  He traded in those suits for one trading jacket and spent 30 years on the CBOE trading floor.  Bobby G shares some memories of CBOE’s early days, including the weeks of mock trading sessions that were held leading up to CBOE’s launch.


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  • Have not worked on the trading floor in twenty years but anyone who has had the distinct pleasure of knowing Bobby G, even in a small way would have him on the very short list of the finest individuals on the floor. Cannot remember specifics this far down the line but I am CERTAIN this guy helped me out of a nasty jam or 2. Raising one to Bob Gianone!