VIX Futures Set Another Monthly Record

Good day friends of CBOE, Jay Caauwe back with an update on yet another record month in VIX futures and  overall CBOE Futures Exchange volume. In fact, new records were set in total monthly volume, ADV and single day trading activity. So on to the numbers:

VIX Futures

For the fourth consecutive month, total monthly trading volume in VIX futures reached a new all-time high.  The 4,056,760 contracts traded during April surpassed those traded in March, the previous record, by 26 percent.  April was the first time in CFE history that total monthly volume in VIX futures eclipsed four million contracts traded. And when you compare it to the 1,683,034 contracts traded a year ago, April’s volume rose by 141 percent.

Monthly average daily volume (ADV) in VIX futures during April was a record 184,398 contracts. And April marked the third time in the first four months of 2013 that a new monthly ADV record was set. When compared to March’s ADV we show an increase of 14% and when measured against April 2012’s ADV the increase was a significant 119% increase

Also a new single-day volume record in VIX futures was set on April 15 when 449,955 contracts traded, topping the previous high of 302,278 contracts traded on February 25, 2013.

Total CFE

For a fourth straight month, total exchange-wide volume at CFE set a new record as 4,069,630 contracts traded.  April’s volume was an increase of 26 percent over the contracts traded in March,  which was the previous high, and a gain of 140 percent from the April 2012 volume. For the first time in CFE history, total exchange-wide monthly volume topped four million contracts traded during April.

Exchange-wide monthly ADV of 184,983 contracts during April also set a new record, besting the 162,514 contracts per day in February 2013, the previous high.  April’s ADV for all CFE products  was up 15 percent compared with the March 2013 ADV and up 119 percent from the April 2012 ADV

A new total exchange-wide single-day volume record was set on April 15 when 452,139 contracts traded

Other Highlights

A new monthly volume record was set in trading of CBOE Gold ETF Volatility Index security futures with 6,120 contracts traded during April, surpassing the previous monthly record of 1,619 contracts in August 2012.

A new single-day volume record in GV security futures was set on April 15 with 1,488 contracts traded.  The previous single-day high had been 765 contracts on March 28, 2013.

And finally, April volume in CBOE Crude Oil ETF Volatility Index security futures totaled 2,709 contracts, an increase of 275 percent over contracts traded in  March.