Thomas Dolby Says Don’t Fall In Love

In 1982 Thomas Dolby released the very popular (at the time) song “She Blinded Me With Science”.  This week in 1983 the song peaked at Number 5 on America’s Top 40.  In my mind the fact this was never a number 1 song is one of the great travesties of the decade that was the 80’s.  The song is literally about a mad scientist who suddenly finds himself enamored with his beautiful assistant.  In the video this infatuation leads to a melt which results in Dolby being committed to a home for deranged scientists.   What I personally believe is that Thomas Dolby is really trying to convey an important message regarding trading.  He’s telling us to never fall in love with a stock.

On the other end of the 80’s spectrum is Gordon Gekko who told Bud Fox to never get emotional about stock.   Bud Fox conveyed this message back to Gordon Gekko as he was losing money on Blue Star.  Thomas Dolby is telling us the same thing in his one-hit-wonder.  When he belts out, “Mmm- but she blinded me with science”, he could just as easily been saying, “XYZ Stock – you blinded me with profits – Good Heavens XYZ Stock – You’re Beautiful!”  Making a beautiful profit in trade on XYZ may be a wonderful experience, but when you decided to dip your toe in again on XYZ, don’t be blinded by the previous profit.  Don’t be emotional about any stock.

After a little research I found out that “She Blinded Me With Science” did actually get the accolades it deserved hitting number 1 in Canada!   I tip my cap to the taste of our friends to the north.  I bet they know how to approach trading without emotion after embracing the wisdom that is Thomas Dolby.