This Week in VIX Options and ETNs – 6/7/2013

No way does the Friday to Friday closing prices tell the story that was VIX and VIX related trading last week.  The stock market was under pressure and VIX made it up to the 18’s before the equity market rallied on Friday to pushed VIX to a 15 handle and actually down on the week.

On Friday not only was VIX under pressure, but VVIX was lower as well after being quoted in the mid 90’s during the week.  There were several instances of VIX option selling on Friday that pushed the VIX of VIX lower.  Trades of interest include a seller of 35,000 of the June 18 Calls, a seller of 50,000 of the Jun 14 Puts, and a seller of 40,000 of the Aug 17 Calls.

Finally, VXX finished the week down slightly have the ETN was in the low 20’s based on mid-week volatility.  The other long VIX related ETNs behaved in the same way with the exception of VXZ which was a tad higher on the week.  VXZ was up just under a 1% as the longer dated VIX futures actually rose for the week.

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