Fed Taper, Quad Witching, OP-EX & Summer Solstice – Your Charts & Risk Capital

Today, the Options Volume and Premiums Paid for VIX, 10yr T-Notes and 30yr T-Bonds were in stratosphere.  As seen below, almost every expiry which showed a significance % volume of total volume, is BEARISH.

Notice the drop in Put/Call Ratios of the lead VIX contracts that started around 1130am CT  – now take a look at your ES 5 min charts!!

fh 1

fari 5

The volumes seen in Treasuries today were unreal – T-Bonds & T-Notes hit -3 sigma (oversold condition)

FH 3

Here is the WEEKLY chart of SPX and NDX…. Notice the outside bar reversal and today is only Thursday and tomorrow is Quad-witching OpEx and Summer Solstice.  We can see 1566 (WS3 Level) and then 1535 (-1 sigma).  We will maintain our short our SPX with www.TimerDigest.com for now.

FH 4

Good Luck…..