VXEEM, GVZ, VXN, and VXSLV All Rise More Than 30% Today

In the past five years many investors have bemoaned the fact it can be more challenging to properly diversify portfolios, in that many investments have a distressing tendency to decline in tandem with other investments. As shown in the top rows of the table below, many securities (including the SPX Index, RUT Index, GLD ETF, EEM ETF and SLV ETF) all declined by 2.5% or worse today.   On the other hand, four volatility indexes (VXEEM, GVZ, VXN, and VXSLV) all rose by more than 30% today.  Re: investable instruments, the VIX July futures rose 2.04 points today. www.cboe.com/VIX.

MM SPX etc on June 20

MM 2 Vol ind on June 20

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