Blogging Options: CBOE Mid-Day Update 8.12.13

The Markets are “sharply unchanged” at mid-day and the summer doldrums have arrived.

The DJIA is off 28 points, SPX lower by 4 while the NASDAQ is up 5 points.  The cash VIX has dropped 0.35 to 13.06 at mid-day.  10-year at 2.60%, little changed.

Most active stocks include SYY -1.87, COL -1.15 and HAR gained 2.25.  FFIV has tacked on +3 points and SSYS is ahead by 6 points. TSLA was off 10 points on a downgrade

The CBOE reported volume of 2.375 million contracts a while ago and the total option volume was only 8.275 million.

Most active options included:
SPX   240k
(Weeklys showed 52k)
VIX   250k
SPY  546k
IWM  135k
QQQ  117k
EEM  121k

Stocks with active option volume included:

AAPL  300k
BBRY  146k
CLF   112k
FB     81k
CSCO  78k

Not much on the agenda for the rest of the day to move us far – we’ll see.