Next Week in Weeklys – 10/13/2013

Next week is a standard option expiration week.  This means that all stocks with options available have options expiring at the end of the week.  We are also in the midst of earnings season and since stocks with Weeklys are the ones that most traders seem to have an interest in I compiled a list of stocks that are typically on the Weeklys list that report earnings next week.  It turns out anyone that likes to trade around earnings reports is in luck as there are 30 companies that are normally on the Weeklys list that report numbers –

Earnings 1012

As an explanation the max and min represent the biggest up move and biggest down move over the last twelve quarters.  The average is an absolute value number that represents the average move higher or lower for the first full trading day after earnings have been reported.


  • Stu Burns

    Thank you! This is so useful. You made life easy for many of us

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  • incredibletrade there a way to subscribe to this feed through email or rss feeds?

  • Russell Rhoads

    I hope this is helpful and if there is anything else we can throw out there to make life easier for options traders never hesitate to ask!