More 2016 LEAPS Added Yesterday

While we were keeping an eye on Washington negotiations and some of you may have been celebrating Columbus Day, we added “round 2”  of LEAPS ®  options for 2016 yesterday.

LEAPS for 2016 were added for equities (stocks) and ETF’s in the February Cycle yesterday, Monday, October 14th.  When traders refer to the February cycle, they mean stocks that are in the February, May, August and November Cycle.  These are sometimes called “Cycle 2″, it’s the same thing.

Cycle 1 LEAPS (January, April, July and October Cycle)  for 2016 were added Monday, September 16th.

Cycle 3 2016 LEAPS (March, June, September, December) will be added Monday November 11th.

Remember, not every stock or ETF has LEAPS.  Check your brokers or CBOE’s quotes system to see if the stock you’re looking at has 2016 LEAPS.

CBOE Information Circular # IC 13-059 dated August 12, 2013 is the official document explaining the 2016 LEAPS additions.  Good trading.