LEAPS Listing for 2016 Completed

Happy day after Veterans Day, and welcome back bond traders who got yesterday off.

We added “Cycle 3″  LEAPS ® options for 2016 yesterday, Monday November 11th.  “Cycle 3” LEAPS options are those with March, June, September and December expiration. This completes the addition of 2016 LEAPS in ETF’s and stocks.

Cycle 1 LEAPS (January, April, July and October Cycle)  for 2016 were added Monday, September 16th.

LEAPS for 2016 were added for equities (stocks) and ETF’s in the #2 February Cycle (Feb, May, Aug, Nov) Monday, October 14th.

When each stock or ETF lists options, it is placed into one of the three cycles.   We will always have options expiration in the first two months regardless of which cycle a stock might be in.

Remember, not every stock or ETF has LEAPS, roughly 1/3 of ETF’s and Equities have them (similar to how not every stock has Weeklys options).  Check your broker’s or CBOE’s quotes system to see if the stock you’re looking at has 2016 LEAPS.

CBOE Information Circular # IC 13-059 dated August 12, 2013 is the official document explaining the 2016 Equity LEAPS additions.  Good trading.