Twitter Options – Additional Data About Option Listing

We’re still ready for tomorrow’s opening of Twitter Inc. (TWTR)  options.

We WILL have Extended Weeklys options on starting tomorrow.  One  exchange filed for Weeklys so CBOE will have them as well.

So starting tomorrow you should see TWTR expiration’s on Friday November 22nd and 29th, Friday December 6th and 13th.  December 20th is regular December expiration.  I do not expect a TWTR Weeklys expiring on December 27th, but we’ll see.

A sharp questioner from a trading desk asked if TWTR would trade in Penny Increments?  We checked, NO, $0.05 increments below $3, $0.10 above $3.

For a complete summary of TWTR’s option info (expirations, strikes, etc) refer to our previous post.  Good luck trading TWTR.