Weekly Weeklys Option Report

Economic news:  Weekly Jobless Claims much worse than expected while Retail Sales better than expected.

Facebook will be added to the S&P 500 December 20th (and OEX, S&P 100). It’s something traders seem to “like” in the Weekly Options.

Facebook made it above $50 dollars in trading this week. In the options today put sellers emerge at the 48, 49 and 50 put strikes. Next week, the December 50 and 51 strike calls are generating interest.  Traders maybe looking for FB to stabilize as it moves to the S&P.

Facebook rival Twitter has been on a tear. That stock  jumped nearly $10 this week. The weekly 50 and 51 puts are active along with 52 calls. Downside puts are more expensive than calls.

WEEKLYS:   MasterCard made news this week with its 10-for-1 stock split. That has sparked interest for near-term players in the Weeklys.  As the stock trades $785 the call buying initiating in the weeklys from earlier this week has changed to 765 puts in the options expiring next week.

Visa has been getting a lift off the MasterCard news.  Traders noted a spike in call volume with weekly options bulls initiating  positions in the 205 strike call strike. Today as the stock trades $204 the 205 calls are finding a few buyers, but there is a slow down.

Apple continues to lead in options volume this week. And, there seems  to be an upward bias in the stock with persistent 565 call buyers in the market.

And finally, calls and puts trade in the SPX. The 1,780 calls strike is one of  the more prominent. And on the put side 1,760, 1,775 1810 puts